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Contaminant Disc Screen


  • Built by FHE/Earthsaver
  • Located in Cleveland, GA
  • Can Demonstrate
  • Excellent Contaminant Separator
30,000 LBS

Product Overview

EarthSaver / FHE model 312CS Wood Chip Sizing Screen with Contaminant Separation.


For “BIG SAVINGS” use the FHE 312 CHIP SIZING SCREEN to eliminate a second grind on 75% of your first grind product.

          *Reduce the major expense of handling costs.

          *Stop grinding high value mulch into low value fines.

          *Fewer fines reduce weight per yard and save shipping cost.

          *If coloring, fewer fines mean less colorant used.

The “Heavy Duty” solid steel Disc Screen separates mulch or boiler fuel product, normally 3" minus, from anything larger, "overs", and at the same time removes contaminants such as plastic bag material, paper and ferrous metal.  Designed to be conveyor-fed, the machine is diesel powered and can work in tandem with a tub grinder, horizontal grinder, trommel screen or any other stacking conveyor. 

Ferrous metals are removed from the infeed conveyor before material goes onto the disc screen and conveyed out separately from other materials, paper and plastics are removed with the rejected oversized materials.

Normal production rate is 150-200 cubic yards per hour and the efficiency rate for removing all contaminants is approximately 98%.